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Driving across Alabama with a truck that says 'Man Love Rules OK'…

Driving across Alabama with a truck that says 'Man Love Rules OK'…

Would you drive across Alabama in a white pickup truck with ‘Man Love Rules OK’ emblazoned in pink? Whilst following another car that had ‘Hillary for President’ emblazoned? With another car that had ‘Country and Western sucks, ok?’ on the side?

Not many of us would do that, but the team on Top Gear (a British show that used to be about motor cars but is now more about three blokes larking around with vehicles … think of it as the Brit equivalent of The Man Show replacing boobs with cars) decided to do just that as part of their drive from Miami to New Orleans. Unsurprisingly, when they had to fill up in a petrol station, they ran into some trouble

While it made for highly entertaining and slightly riveting television, the sequence does smack a little too much of being staged. Would random Alabama petrol station attendants really call in the “boys” to sort out three blokes driving three dodgy cars?

The sad thing is that even though I am now gainfully employed and have probably seen just about every episode of Top Gear mark II on re-runs on daytime satellite television, I’m still engrossed towards watching the old/new episodes. Last night, combined with the cable channels, there were four hours of Top Gear. I’d have happily lapped it all up. and I drive a Daewoo Matiz and care about the environment.

Stop-press: I posted the link to the video onto Metafilter. Fireworks commence!


  • I also saw the Top gear programme which I thought was hilarious – nearly wet my knickers watching Hammond jump start the other guys’ car when the boys were arriving – brilliant TV!!! And Mr Hammond ( lovely, lovely, lovely man) – when he nearly crashed his truck or whatever it was into the alligator infested river – oh my God heart skipped a beat !!! Not the first time though Mr hammond has done that to me – glad to see he’s OK. However Top Gear fan have you seen the one where they had to but porches for under £1500 and see which one could get to Brighton first – cracking programme – see you soon xxxxxx

  • I miss Top gear. It's about the only TV program I really, really miss. And don't tell me to watch it online – I have to pay for internet access by the minute over here and it's not very fast!

  • Not to worry, it's pretty much repeated ad-infinitum on the UK TV Gold / G2 channels. 😉

  • Shame the Beeb has pulled th clip from Youtube – haven't they heard of free publicity? Many (not all) aspects of copyright are just plain stupid …

  • I heard about this when I got back from Barcelona and immediately used my teleport tv option to watch it. Brilliant.

    I suspect many of the Top Gear "The Lads Do…" segments are deliberately set up – like the caravanning one last year.

    I don't even drive and I find myself watching it.

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