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Sunshine, lesbians and drinking

Sunshine, lesbians and drinking

So the first day back at work, and by the end of it, I’m gasping to get out. So I persuade Heledd to join me in what turns out to be a mini pub-crawl between work and home, enroute to the pub quiz. A pub quiz we quickly ditch when we realise the main topic is Rocky Horror.

Heledd later recounts that it’s the first time she’s ever seen me keen to go drinking, and we end up all over the shop!…

The next day, Heledd suggests we go see a series of lesbian film shorts. I reluctantly tag along, and to be fair they are mostly quite good. Two from Power-Up! show a great sense of humour and non-pretentiousness. Which makes a change. Of course, Heledd will accuse me of not having seen any movies at all beyond the Hollywood crap…

Afterwards, the bar is obviously surrounded by a large lesbian contingent, and Heledd strikes up a conversation with a lesbian couple. And heaven help me, I found one of them attractive again. I *really* ought to stop this – ah well. So we all get drunk, then Llinos and Alan turn up and the 4-some chatting becomes a three-group of twosomes talking. While I end up having to borrow £15 from Hel for my share of the drinks. Then I somehow stumble home.

Tonight, thankfully, I didn’t drink. Though should have gone to a work birthday do. But somehow, confronting my boss at work about the projects/complaints fiasco and basically being told I’m arrogant, crap at account management but good at technical creativity, and that the whole department will be realigned towards interactivity – which translated, could well mean the contract isn’t renewed.

Which would leave me at my 30th birthday unemployed, probably loveless and living with my parents. Great. At least George Costanza got laid once in a while!!!

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