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Experimenting on our child…

Experimenting on our child…

Sesame Street Sign

As befits a child who will be born to two geeky parents, we have come up with our first environmental experiment…

If you sing “Can you tell me how to get?” to a bunch of 30-year-olds, American or British, we’ll sing the rest of the song: “To Sesame Street!”. Big Bird, The Count (“Ha! Ha! Ha!”), Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, and of course the character who has given the Internet the phrase Nom Nom Nom – The Cookie Monster.

But Sesame Street was never particularly loved by the British TV establishment. According to the BBC News Magazine, the BBC rejected it in the 1970s because of its’ “authoritarian aims” (because learning to count and get along with people of all creeds and types is such a terrible idea) so it hasn’t been seen on British TV screens since 2001, and it’s unlikely to come back.

So here’s the experiment. When my wife forces our kid (aka WeaponX) to watch the occasional episode of Sesame Street, and then he/she goes to kindergarten – will WeaponX start talking about Sesame Street? And if so, will the other kids shun him/her for doing so?

It’s a toughie.


  • It'd probably be shunned more for using a word like kindergarten. What's wrong with the British equivalent, playgroup?

    I always hated Sesame Street. Terrible programme. Big Bird deserved a punch in the face for being massively annoying.

  • Hmmm… Well… Those other kids suck anyway, because Sesame Street kicks ass. I've even softened on Elmo, which is something I did not see coming. I would think as long as your kid knows enough about whatever the other kids are talking about it shouldn't be an issue. And besides, don't you think you're going to be exposing your particular kid to enough other weird crap that Sesame Street will be the least of your worries? (I mean this in the best possible way. My daughter, before the age of 2, was hugging the TV when Stephen Colbert was on it. And ONLY when Stephen Colbert was on it.)

  • As a girl who grew up in frackin' IOWA with, at the time, one of the BEST primary & secondary school systems in the US, Sesame Street & Mr Rodgers were pretty cool.

    Sesame Street honestly taught me about Hispanic people when I was 6. Dude, it was the late 70's in Des Moines, IOWA. I was 6 and my only Maria reference was from West Side Story or Sound of Music (my folks dragged/drug me to every musical in Iowa& still do, thank g-d).

    And it is REALLY different than it is now. I can't believe kindergarten is now an "optional" grade, especially here in Cali. WTF?

    YES I feel officially old. And babbling about a real institution here in the US, which may be going away very soon due to Politicks.

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