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Calling all Metro readers!

Calling all Metro readers!

There’s apparently a wonderful new service called Mobyko which, amongst other things, lets you back up your mobile contacts, pictures and more importantly text messages. Since my Sony Ericsson W800i apparently has the memory of a small atom (despite being equipped with a sizeable memory card), backing up my text messages would come in very handy indeed.

Apparently lucky readers of the Metro can get a free premium account. Except the Metro doesn’t exist in North Wales. So if you reside in Cardiff, London or Manchester, and happen to have a copy of today’s (or yesterday’s) Metro on your desk, can you please do me a quick favour and flick through it to find a Mobyko promotion code?

Muchos gravias, por favour! and I will get back to blogging at some point. Quick plug: Go see The Prestige when it comes out on DVD. It’s almost as good as The Usual Suspects.

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  • Hi there
    Try the code: metro2
    But hurry, the FREE Premium membership offer expires midnight on the 4th Feb. Enjoy

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