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Touch me! I want to feel your body!

Touch me! I want to feel your body!

Now that the alleged saviour of BBC Radio 1, Chris Moyles has successfully sent Billie (no Piper!) back into the top 20 thanks to the new download chart rules, it’s time to choose the next 80s artist to relaunch in the slightly-old millennium.

And what better than a remix of a fab 80s record featuring your average born-again Christian lesbian with the big boobies, and some moustachioed European lothario with a ludicrously bass voice? Ladies gentlemen and Jade Goody, I present to you: Touch Me by Gunther featuring Samantha Fox. Make this number one!

Oh go on. Please?


  • Graham

    I was unable to listen to more than six seconds of that song without recoiling in horror and closing the web browser tab.

    Can I send Slayer to give them a good Cenobiting?

  • It's going to get boring all these "get xxx to number one", wonder when the Simon Cowell et all will jump on the bandwagon.

    "Hey, I'm no talent wonder from X Factor. Get me to number one, please?"

  • YAH!!⁄ You made me remember that song, now you must die-!

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