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How I'm like Daniel Craig David as 007…

How I'm like Daniel Craig David as 007…

– I am writing this on a Sony Vaio laptop.
– The phone I’m carrying is a Sony Ericsson phone. Although I can’t even archive a text or press up or left on my phone, never mind use GPS tracking systems to trace my prey.
– In an ideal world, my next digicam will be a Sony camera.
– I, like Daniel Craig, look really uncomfortable in a suit. Although my reasons are not because I have too many pecs.

Seriously, the amount of product placement in Casino Royale was ridiculous. It’s always been a problem in Bond films – but at least it was relatively subdued. This time, the characters actually praise each other on the choice of their watches – and the Omega brand gets a huge thumbs-up. It’s still not going to make me wear one though.

But otherwise, it was a great Bond film. I was quite happy with most of the re-booting, but the emotional violence on screen was very discomforting. And maybe it’s a sign of my decreasing brain power, but I was almost thankful that M cleared up what happened at the end – although it still makes no sense as to why Vespar did what she did. Anyone care to explain?

Speaking of Eva Green, I’d never figured out why everyone called her a great beauty. She didn’t do much in Kingdom of Heaven, if you ask me. But there’s a scene in Casino Royale where you see her sans make-up, and she looks beautiful in that shot. Although I’m still not too sure what makes Vespar so special – so she spars with him verbally and gives as good as she gets. But half the other Bond girls these days seem to do that – what makes her different? At least “Tracy Bond” also sparred with him physically.

But why oh why does Daniel Craig run like the Terminator T-1000? Yes, I understand he’s meant to be an emotionless machine with a penchant for luxury, sex and death – but running like that? Nothing draws attention to a runner more than that particular style of remorseless running.

Also, I found it interesting that while Die Another Day was crucified for being a Bond of two halves – real Bond for the first hour, fantasy Bond for the second – this one almost reversed that, so we had traditional Bond at the beginning, and harsh Bond at the end.

I did love the title sequence – I was wondering how you could have a Bond title sequence without semi-naked ladies, but it worked quite well. But the less said about that so-called theme tune, the better.


  • Oi! Watch it with the potential spoilers! And I'm in Oz right now… feck knows when the film will make its way here, especially into the Northern Territory. I'll check out Singapore when I arrive tomorrow…

  • Got a ticket for this evening. A whopping SNG$7 (Around £2.30). Funny how Singapore gets the big films before Oz!

  • I've never been able to get into Bond. Maybe it's a guy thing. *shrugs* Although I hear Alexis Denisof was considered for the role. I might have watched it then, just because I liked him so much on Angel. He was annoying on Buffy, though.

  • Daniel Craig looks wonderful in a suit (sigh).

    I loved it, it's nice to have a Bond who plays the part rather than doing the raised eyebrow ironic Moore/Brosnan thing. And DC is completely lush. Who cares that he's got ruffled up blondish hair and magnificently blue eyes? No me.

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