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Why I should work for UK Gold…

Why I should work for UK Gold…

The news comes in that Jim’ll Fix It is returning to UK Gold, in a brand-new programme that looks back at old children’s requests and revisits their fix-its.

However, it’s called Jim’ll Fix It: Now and Then. Which is one hell of a missed chance. If I were a UK Gold creative, I’d have been championing for it to be called:

Jim’ll Fix It: Now Then, Now Then

C’mon, can’t you see the possibilities of that ?!


  • Damn fine joke Mr Wong. Did you come up with that one or was it the Scriptwriters? 😉

  • Alas, all my own work!

  • Sharon

    Too much time on your hands maybe? 😉

  • I too must congratulate you on this comic gold. And put five pounds on it being worked into the opening piece to camera.

    Is this the show being fronted by Jimmy 'luckily having the right first name' Carr?

  • Are they not making a new version of Jim'll fix it with Vic Reeves (AKA Jim Moir) or is this the same thing?

  • Indeed… even I'm beginning to wonder where you've got to, and I hardly ever comment on your blog!

  • Either 'not blogging' is the latest social experiment in blogging (look at the reaction it's got!) or WE has upped sticks and secretly absconded to Bruges in a fit of pique.

  • Wyn Wong

    After a very long frustrating day at work (when I wonder for the umpteenth time "WHY am I doing this … it surely can't be for the money") the very naffness of this joke has made me grin – thank you!

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