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Never order from Zoombits

Never order from Zoombits

On the 5th September, I placed an order for 2 USB memory sticks from Zoombits. A simple order that anybody could fulfil, right?

Nope. It’s the 16th, the sticks haven’t arrived and I need them this weekend!

So I ask Zoombits what they’re going to do about it. Absolutely nothing – their terms and conditions apparently state that I have to wait 15 working days before they can issue a refund. Or even give me some new sticks.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

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  • Are they saying that they have despatched the memory sticks and that they could have been lost in the post? That seems to be the circumstances under which they ask you to wait 15 working days after date of despatch. Amazon and others have the same policy, I seem to recall. If, on the other hand, the sticks haven't been despatched then you are entitled to cancel the order. Contact your credit/debit card provider if they refuse.

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