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I look like George Clooney… Honest…

I look like George Clooney… Honest…

Draw up any list of alleged Hollywood heart-throbs, and I honestly can’t see why anyone would fancy most of them. Tom Cruise? Too chiselled. Brad Pitt? Too blonde. Richard Gere? HE’S GOT GREY HAIR AND NO CHARM!

However, one exception is George Clooney. Not only does he seem to be a genuinely charming nice gentlemen (but then I’ve never met him – and maybe he just has an exceptionally good PR agency working for him) willing to stick up for the “common man”, but he looks genuinely good AND relaxed in a suit. Especially with an open-collared shirt.

When I don a suit, however, I tend to feel like I look like a squashed gorilla into a suit. It doesn’t help, of course, that I’ve made some suit-buying choices over the years which I thought were a good idea, but exposed to the raw summer sunshine was a terrible idea. My old-time-school friends have now taken to calling me Mr. Del Monte and asking whether my summer beige linen jacket will ever see the light of day again.

However, I seem to have turned a corner. I was on the hunt for a good interview shirt the other day, and actually decided to get my neck measured instead of hazarding a guess. The resulting shirt gave me the right open-collar look that, to my mind, aped George Clooney. This I exclaimed to Miss R who, to her credit, did not immediately disavail me of the notion.

Unfortunately, I now have a second round. Which means I need to find another shirt – or at least, catch lightning in the same bottle twice. This, I fear, might be easier.

(and yes, an entire blog post about buying a shirt. I apologise.)


  • Sharon

    How about a photo? 😉

    Good luck with the job interview.

  • You are the only person I know who can preface a report of having reached a 2nd interview with the word ‘unfortunately’!

    How did it go?

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