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Slightly disappointed by Doctor Who…

Slightly disappointed by Doctor Who…

Since I was otherwise occupied at the beginning of July, I never did get the chance to watch the season 2 double-episode-finale of Doctor Who. This has now finally been rectified thanks to BBC Three. But it didn’t exactly deliver what I thought it promised…

(Spoilers live beyond here!)

I was told I was going to cry buckets, that Rose would die and there would be the mother of epic battles between Cybermen and Daleks on the streets of modern-day Earth.

What happened? Rose solidified her conversion to obsessive stalker simpering girlie status, and the epic battle was confined to flying CGI Daleks battling CGI Cybermen, while there was *one* tiny battle between Cybermen and humans on some non-descript bridge somewhere, while Cardiff extras pretended to fall to their deaths while being shot by non-existent Daleks. The anti-Doctor Torchwood turned out to be a damp squib.

Admittedly, I did watch the episodes about 3 months after the rest of the UK, and I’d known about the fanboy wet dream two months before transmission (but was sworn to secrecy etc.)

On the plus side, the only – for me – epic moment was the Doctor’s look of pure anguish when it looked like he was about to lose Rose. The rest of it was a bit of a disappointment.

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