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A new look for the BBC…

A new look for the BBC…

So I was at the cinema with Miss R seeing You, Me and Dupree – and as part of the trailer/advert mix was a cinematic advert for the new series of Robin Hood *1 from the BBC. And I sat there thinking what a great advert it was – just a shame about the butt-ugly BBC ONE logo prominent on the bottom-left of this huge screen.

So the news that the BBC ONE logo and idents are getting redesigned is quite a welcome one from my perspective. Plus, (going into typography geek mode) the new font certainly looks much friendlier and less authoritative than the previous one, which smacked of “THIS IS THE BBC. YOU WILL BOW TO US”.

Mind you, I’m not sure about the ident itself. Like the Channel 4 idents, they’re very clever visually – but it doesn’t actually remind you that you’re watching a TV channel. It feels more like a cool and glitzy advert for a washing machine. Then again, I never liked the BBC One dancing idents either, and much preferred the balloon ones. They were fantabulous.

*1 – is it sad that when I saw the Robin Hood trailer, I kept wondering about how wonderful the Doctor Who 2005/06 trailers would have looked on the big screen?


  • Hmmm. Very web 2.0 all lower case. It's not quite comic sans, but it's not far off either – looks a bit naff to be honest.

  • I wanna see the football one in full! By the time I get back to the UK they'll have changed them all again.

  • I quite like what I've seen of them so far. It's good they've brought back the circle/sphere concept. It harks back to the old days when they just had the World spinning round on the screen. Which of course the balloons updated brilliantly. But they couldn't keep them forever.

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