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Six weeks of lessons…

Six weeks of lessons…

and this is what Miss R and I have ended up doing. Honest. 😉

Out of interest, how are the Scissor Sisters perceived in America? Have you ever heard of them? Is their song I Don’t Feel Like Dancing all over the darned radio in the US like it is in the UK, invading your memory like a bad cough that just won’t go away?


  • I’ve heard of them and am familiar with a song from last summer (I think it was then), but that new one? Never heard it. And I’m fine with it, although I did get a big chuckle from the elevator dancing you and Miss R were doing! =)

  • Graham

    They're known over here but niche popularity I think, big with the people who Know Music.

  • Sharon

    Nice to see you're keeping busy. 🙂 Very amusing, and it's just made the rounds in the office – seeing as it's Friday. 😉

  • Well I LOVE Scissor Sisters and have done for a while – but I guess that my perception of SS is skewed since I am a Brit and in NY. Not really representative 🙂

    Any how, I just popped over to brag am going to Virgin Fesitval next weekend and SS will be playing 🙂

  • love it! Nice to see all the hard work paid off!

  • Thanks for this link – I had great fun creating versions with my own friends/relatives. I think I found it funnier than they did, but that's just fine for me 🙂

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