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Time on my hands…

Time on my hands…

The trouble with suddenly having oodles of time on my hands is that instead of doing utterly constructive things, I find myself doing silly little things like looking at new cars, and new gadgets. Even though I don’t really have the money to buy them!

But lately I’ve found myself drooling over the Freecom Network MediaPlayer Drive-in Kit. This heavenly PC gadget would let me store music, pictures and video on my home PC network, and also connect to the TV so I could watch my PC-based videos on the TV. Which might mean I’d finally get to see the last two episodes of Doctor Who 2006 in full-screen TV, which has apparently led to the likes of Geoff crying…. Never mind the fact that I currently have about 300 Gb of TV programmes I have downloaded that I need to watch, and I find myself watching re-runs of the Star Trek movies on the Sci-Fi Channel. Even though I already have them all on DVD!

I’ve even been internally debating the merits between a Toyota Prius and a Honda Civic IMA as my next (relatively) environmentally-friendly dual-fuel car. Never mind that each one costs £17k a piece.

This is despite the fact that Comet are offering a laser printer for a bargain price of £40. I can even almost justify it – but yet, I still have yet to go out and buy the darned thing.

Nothing speaks of irony like only being able to look at and drool over new toys and gadgets at precisely the point when one is not earning enough money to buy them. But of course, once I am earning enough to buy them, I won’t have the time to enjoy them!


  • I’ve had a Media Center PC for nearly two years and made regular use of all those functions you crave until Sky HD was installed; now all the functions of Sky+ are available with HD picture and full Dolby Digital sound. The current generation of Media Center PCs aren’t capable of HD-TV recording unless I get a new card and I don’t see the point. Like you, I used to download shows over the net but I don’t do it now unless I’ve missed an episode – the differences between standard TV and HD-TV are so dramatic, once you’ve experienced HD you actually seek out HD shows.

    We don’t even watch many DVDs in our house anymore – the quality is markedly less impressive than transmissions via HD and so we’ve stopped buying DVDs of new films until HD-DVD is available, and cheap enough to justify. We do still buy DVDs of old stuff that can’t be improved on a HD-DVD – stuff like classic ‘Doctor Who’ for example, or old black-and-white films.

    My suggestion: consider Sky HD – at least check it out – before you buy kit that is on the verge of redundancy . x

  • *looks at available kit*

    Is happy with $1 knock-off DVDs and laptop to watch them on.

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