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"Middleaged" ?!

"Middleaged" ?!

"Middleaged" ?!

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Whilst on holiday down in Somerset (typical, the sun shines brightly for four weeks in North Wales – as soon as we head out on a weekend away in England, the sun disappears!) we popped into the helpful tourist information office to enquire about accomodation.

The B&B owner enquired to the helpful young woman behind the counter about our age – to which the woman bashfully said that we were middle-aged.

MIDDLE-AGED ?!!! We’re barely into our 30s!

This has now of course prompted a 3/8 life-crisis and we are (seriously) spending the weekend going on helicopter rides and jet-ski-ing.

Honest. Pics to come. In theory. Depending on if we recover. 😉


  • Jetskiing rocks. Did it in Phuket. But watch out for the seat constantly flying up and smacking you in the arse. I could barely sir down for 2 days afterwards. The trick is to *stand* on the jetski, not try and sit down. Hell on the thighs, though.

  • A quick google search reveals that the consensus on life expectancy for males in North Wales is about 76. Split that into 3rds (Young, Middle, Old) and you are well into your middle age, which started about 6 or 7 years ago.

    As your better half is younger than you, and Female life expectancy is higher, she is entitled to be slightly miffed, but it just goes to show that you are judged on those you chose to associate with.

  • OMG, that looks like Weston-super-Mare. I used to live there!

  • I would have been SO insulted. Did you choose to grill her or simply drown her in Jeyes Fluid for those words? x

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